BEWARE the Creepy Hallow! Seriously, don’t go.

Spokane Creepy Hallow

The following explains how my husband and I, along with my mother, were treated this past weekend (Sat. October 24, 2015) at the Northwest Renaissance Festival’s Creepy Hallow haunted trail. My husband and I have been going for the last 6 years. It’s on a private property where the family that owns it, along with volunteers, setup a string of scary vignettes along a dark wooded trail. The overall quality of the vignettes hasn’t always been consistent. Some years we even considered maybe not going back. But, we always wanted to support the volunteers putting on the event for Halloween enthusiasts like ourselves, and have returned every year.

It’s quite the trek outside Spokane – almost a 30 minute drive through the dark, ending with your car bottoming out on a massive pothole in their driveway. In the first 4 years we went, there would maybe be 20-40 people ahead of us in line at the most. Last year (2014) was the first time we had to wait almost 2 hours to be able to go through the trail.

This year we showed up at about 8:40pm thinking we would have plenty of time since they close at midnight. For the first time there was actually a line just to purchase a ticket. While standing in line, we had ample time to read their “Rules” that were written on a dry erase board which included “there may be up to a 1 hour plus + wait” and “NO REFUNDS once your ticket has been punched” (they punch your ticket right before you actually walk the trail). We overheard the owner who was selling the tickets (we have spoken with him and his family that work there previously) give a lengthy speech to each party that no doubt was the culprit of the long ticket line.

In the waiting area there were two wood burning barrels with no standing room left around them. They had a food truck for the first time, face painting, and were projecting a scary movie. We stood in the cold for about 30 minutes and then decided to go see our position in the cue. Our ticket numbers were 3843-3845. I saw that the current group being called was numbers 3623-3644. I asked the worker “does that mean there’s literally 200 people in front of us?” She said yes and it was “about a 2 hour wait, but they’ll try to make it faster if they can”. At one point we overheard other customers complaining to the workers about the wait time and hoped that maybe people would decide to just get refunds and open up spots in front of us. We decided it was worth waiting and went back to our car to get some heat.

By 11:45pm we had waited 3 hours since first arriving. We checked the cue and there was still about 80 people ahead of us. Doing some calculation, we figured we would be there well past 1am – possibly even 2am, waiting to get through the trail. My mother still had over an hour drive just to get back home from Spokane. It was frustrating, but we finally gave up and decided to just ask for a refund and cut our loses. It was $15 for the 3 of us to get in. I would have paid triple that to not lose more than 3 hours of our night, but at least we wouldn’t lose money on the deal and could end the misery of waiting.

We went back to the ticket booth and I asked the owner politely for a refund. He stared at me blankly and said “no refunds”. I asked “Once the ticket has been punched, right?” That part of the “Rules” had now been scratched out with dry erase marker. He shook his head. My husband pointed to the rule board and said “it also says it could be up to an hour and a half plus wait – it’s now been 3 hours”. The owner argued that an ‘hour and a half plus’ means more than an hour and a half – it could be an hour and 45 minutes, it could be 2 hours. We pointed out that the website said they would be open until midnight, which it was now past, and we still had over an hour or more wait. He replied that they would make sure to stay until they have gotten everyone through. We explained that being there until well past 1am wasn’t reasonable for us especially since we had long drives home. He had no response for us. We didn’t even get an apology for the unexpected extended wait time.

Surprised at the owner’s unfriendly attitude, I said “My husband and I have been coming here every year for the past 6 years and we have been loyal customers. I don’t appreciate the way you’re treating us.” The owner replied defensively “hey, I’m just a peon, I don’t make any of the decisions here. You’ll have to speak with him” he pointed to one of the men behind him in the booth. I knew he was in fact the owner, but I let it go and we waited for the other man to come out from the booth to speak with us.

My husband respectfully explained the situation to the man. I expected that he would have some compassion for our long and boring night and would just refund our money. After all, we hadn’t taken anything from them as we were in our car most of the time. We didn’t even watch any of the movies that were playing since we couldn’t bare the cold. Without a single notion of an apology, the man said “You need to understand our position, okay? This is our busiest night ever.”

My husband replied that he understood they were busy. He told the man even though we know that nothing could be done about the unexpected 3 hours that was taken from our night, we would just like our money back since we didn’t get to see the haunted trail and we hadn’t taken anything from them. The man proceeded to say things like we would wait more than 3 hours to see one attraction at Scarywood (which we’ve been to several times and has never been the case, even for their million dollar attraction). My husband explained that we come every year, always tell people about them, and have even spoken with the owner and his daughter about participating. “Okay,” the man interrupted and pointed with his whole arm over at the ‘peon’ in the ticket booth, “that’s the owner and I’m his daughter’s husband.” He said it as if he was somehow catching my husband in a lie, even though he was actually pointing out his father-in-law’s lie. My husband had stayed calm during this entire exchange even though the family was completely unapologetic about our horrible experience. My husband attempted one last try and sincerely asked the son-in-law, “Would you and your wife want to take our money for nothing? Is this how you would want loyal customers to be treated?” The son-in-law continued his defense, “We have the barrels, we have the movie, we have face painting, and we have food carts – so you can’t say we don’t have anything.” We finally gave up realizing it was a lost cause.

The point of this story about the Creepy Hallow is that I would like to prevent fellow Spokanites from suffering the same kind of night this Halloween weekend in addition to following years. I used to boast to people about the group’s unique attraction. But, because of the horrible customer service and pettiness from the family run business, I can only try to keep people from going and being mistreated. The worse insult of all is that we had earlier that night gone to the King Family Haunted House in Mead where they provided a truly fun experience for free – or donations if you feel so inclined. The donations were to partly help with their expenses and to also be given to the Make A Wish Foundation. We had donated $15 to the King Family Haunted House. The irony is that in hindsight I wish we had just donated the full $30 we spent that night to the King’s and skipped the Creepy Hallow entirely.

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  1. Normally, I would say that it is fantastic that this Halloween attraction is doing so well and getting so much business…but the way you were treated is unforgivable. I can say that the owner of the land and his wife no longer run Creepy Hallow as of two years ago, but rather only man the ticket booth and concession stand. The even itself is run by their daughter and her husband, and another woman. What you described above is the very reason why I personally no longer volunteer there. It is a great attraction….once you start the tour, but the customer service and public relations have become all but non-existent. I am sorry for your experience this year, but it does not surprise me. It was once a great place to go…..but no longer.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sam. I agree completely that it used to be a fun place to go and it’s a shame that they’ve completely neglected the customer in their new found success. The daughter’s husband is the person that treated us the worst, all while dressed head to toe in a security guard uniform. Thanks for volunteering in the past – I’m sure we enjoyed your work!

  3. I’m the mom mentioned in this review who shared the awful experience with my daughter and son-in-law at the Creepy Hallow. My daughter has actually been kind in her review of this event, and my son-in-law was even kinder in how he tried to reason with the family owners before we left.

  4. As anithe past participant in creepy hallow, I too am sorry you had a poor experience with the customer service there. That being said… To go on to slam the entire hard-working crew based on the interactions you had with two people is petty and childish. These people aren’t just volunteers…they are creative, hard-working people spending their time and money to provide entertainment for you. They don’t get paid, they do it to share their love of halloween, and like myself …to participate as a family in something we all enjoy. I’m sorry (not really) that creepy hallow is becoming successful enough that you had to wait. I happen to know that that success is based on some very hard work by the people involved…again simply for the love of what they do. They have also been working hard on making the wait more bearable by providing the activities down front and by trying to get through tours faster without making the groups so big that not everyone can enjoy the show. It is truly unfortunate that you did not enjoy yourself this year, and yes rules of customer service imply that you should have been treated better. But next time you take the time to go public perhaps you could put a little less negativity out in the world.

  5. Melissa, while I appreciate you taking the time to comment, you have missed the point completely. I mentioned that throughout the entire 6 year history of us attending, my husband and I have complimented, supported, and promoted the job that the volunteers have done. I also mentioned that we have literally talked to the person in charge this year to volunteer ourselves. Our problem is with the people who profit from this event and have the same customer service policies as scammers. It was not just the two people mentioned who we dealt with. From purchasing our ticket to the end, the wait time was misrepresented by 3 different people. You also may not have understood that we were more than happy to receive our $15 back and completely hold our tongues about Creepy Hallow wasting our night. Putting unexaggerated information out about a bad experience had because of a company that puts themselves out into the world, is not “putting negativity out in the world” – it’s preventing a loss for unsuspecting consumers and preventing a gain for a company who’s not entitled to it. The next business you have dealings with that promotes good customer service, remember; it’s because they’ve been held to that standard.

  6. Mostly chiming in to state that CH has been previously well performed bwfore, and successful. The past few years have dwindled in numbers (maybe in introduction of scary wood or other attraftions?). I was previous volunteer at CH, and I can recall a conversation regarding how years before, they’d often be there long past one am.

    This success isn’t new. The management is, maybe,, me that may be in part to their climb…. But I would not call one night, and treating patrons in this regard a “success”.

  7. As someone who also volunteered in the past, I believe that there is nothing wrong with what you’re doing here. Anyone that has worked out there knows this post exactly describes the people in question and isn’t surprising in the least bit. The author isn’t slamming anyone, they are simply stating the facts of what happened. I don’t volunteer out there anymore because of the new management. They were disrespectful to patrons and volunteers alike. I used to love being a part of Creepy Hallow but I’d be embarrassed to be associated with them now.

  8. As a loyal customer of about 10 years, I think the show is great. I have watched it grow and drop and now it is on the grow again. These people have a lot of fun and work hard to entertain. To slander their show or even the people is wrong. Has anybody other than the original poster bothered to get the other side. I don’t think so. You all should be ashamed. I only hope that these people are not devastated for your I’ll comments. Plus if you all have so much negativity towards them then why do you follow them so close. As a former Law Professor, I would only hope that they do not decide to sue you for slander and malicious conduct. Thanks for the listen and keep on growing Creepy Hallow.

  9. None of my review or the sharing of our experience was based on opinion. Everything I’ve offered is provable fact, Mr./Mrs. Professor – not that it would need to be proved. The family admitted to our experience being as described. There is no “other side”.

  10. There are always many sides to a situation. I would like to start by stating that I presently work with Creepy Hallow, but am representing only myself with this comment. I was the individual who answered your question about there being 200 people in front of you, I do remember you, and would like to state that in your interaction with me you were indeed frustrated but very polite given the circumstances; I would like to thank you for that, not everyone tried to be that understanding. I’ve worked with Creepy Hallow off and on for many years, and I’m terribly sorry that your experience this year was so bad. For my part, if I did not convey my personal chagrin at the waiting time I apologize, I was truly frustrated with having to tell customers that they had that many people in front of them. I can honestly say I’m EXCITED to see this event that I love so much becoming so successful in customer count, but it saddens me to hear of dissatisfied customers; those of us who ‘work’ (really we volunteer) out there do so from a love of the holiday and a desire to share that. The Creepy Hallow show has had a record breaking attendance this year, and as someone who deals directly with the numbers I can honestly tell you we simply were not prepared for this large of an increase, that is never an excuse for bad customer relations and I’m not trying to make it such. I’m simply divulging that Creepy Hallow is suffering some severe growing pains. The only thing I can personally hope for is that your family might, hopefully, be willing to entertain the idea of giving this budding business another chance next year, when it will have hopefully evaluated and learned from any mistakes that may have been made. I’ve never been a personal fan of bad mouthing people for voicing their opinion, so I would like to say thank you for giving me this chance to personally apologize for my inability to address your dissatisfaction at the time you were in front of me and ask again that you possibly find it in your heart to give me a chance to resolve that next year.

  11. Spokane Halloween,
    What I was attempting to say in a somwhat polite manner, was that it is unfortunate that you had a bad experience with a few people. That does not mean you need to go home and publicly malign the entire event and crew. How about instead of “don’t go” you simply present your case and warn people to be expecting long waits? It’s similar to saying you’re going to tell everyone to stop patronizing a favorite local restaurant because the waitress was inexperienced, rude, or inattentive? Or you had to wait for a table, a little longer for your meal? Even when the quality of the food is still good, hot, and we’ll priced? …the BEWARE is fine. The “seriously, don’t go” is out of line.

  12. Creepy Hallow used to be a lot more “team” orientated than it has been the last couple of years. Its become more of a clique. If you’re “in” all is well and you reap rewards. If you’re not, as was myself and some others I know, well, too bad, no one wants to hear what you have to say! Some of the people have a false sense of entitlement, and that’s not good business practice. Most of the volunteer crew and actors are wonderful. However, the ones in charge need to be reminded of where they come from, and that not too many years ago they, themselves were a volunteer and not in charge. And rest assured, they did not become in charge because of their sparkling customer service skills.

  13. I personally work for Creepy Hallow and have since I was 5 years old. We are an amazing close knit group of people working together for your entertainment. I’m sincerely sorry this year was not enjoyable to you but the hard reality of it is you took our growth as a sense of disrespect towards you and your family which is hardly the case. The harsh words you have directed towards our management and our volunteers alone is uncalled for. Proposals as to how to make us better for you the customer is greatly appreciated. We work really hard and are very committed and continuously working to make this event grow and become better than it ever has.

  14. Julia,
    I want to thank you for your sincere response. You’re the first person currently working there that has shown us any remorse or understanding of our complaint. I remember you as well and can recall thinking at the time we spoke that I did not envy your position and knew you probably didn’t have anything to do with the circumstances. Last year and this year, my husband and I were excited for the group, as well. As I’ve said many times now, we’ve done some promoting for you guys. If the owners feel the same way you do, and would like to make up for the hard feelings, we would like to see them right the wrong that occurred and return the money that was not theirs to keep. They don’t need to give the $15 directly back to us, this was never about our money – but if they can prove that they somehow donated it to a cause other than their own, we will feel like a step towards the right direction has been made. It’s not their money, I hate to think of them using it for themselves.

  15. Melissa, I understand what you’re saying. But you’re still not understanding our complaint, therefore your comments aren’t helpful to anyone. To take your analogy – it was like we went to a restaurant we’ve been going to for 6 years, received bad service from the owner, complained directly to the owner, was rudely turned away to speak with another owner, and then was treated rudely by that owner. It’s also like we went to a restaurant, paid in advance, never received our food, and was sent home without our food or money. Our only complaint is with the owners. The head honchos. The people who will be spending our money. Are you starting to get it?

  16. Elisia, What you and some other people are failing to understand is that it would be silly for my husband and I to begrudge the Creepy Hallow’s success because my husband and I are partly the reason for the Creepy Hallow’s success. We’ve told lots of people about it every year. We’ve taken family with us to show them how unique and fun it was. Last year when we waited 2 hours to go through, we were excited for the group. We were excited to see new things added this year and were super close to doing a vignette ourselves. If we had our money returned to us and just went home I would have been disappointed that we couldn’t see the trail this year and that would have been the end of it. This whole review is based on the principle that our money was taken from us without giving us a service. We were never warned about a 3+ hour wait. If the Creepy Hallow is so successful, why do they need our $15 so badly? Do you care about your group’s profits coming from happy customers? Or does it not matter how it comes to you?

  17. Spokanehalloween I love Halloween attractions and think spokane is lacking when it comes to them. I googled Spokane haunted attractions and found what I thought was a review with comments. It is just a complaint. Sounds like you have more of a problem with the fact that all the people who work there are volunteers but yet the owners keep all the money . Also seems very personal ,pretty obvious you got your feelings hurt . If that makes you not want to go back that’s fine . I think it is childish of you to try and discourage everyone else from going. In the end your poor review will not stop me from taking my family on Halloween , but thank you for letting me know about the long wait and no refund policy.

  18. Honestly, considering that you are a family member of the new management (and the owners in question), as well as a volunteer…. you aren’t really aiding in assisting their success, nor trying to smooth things over with a past customer.

    It isn’t fair to say that one person’s experiences are uncalled for. If you were in the same position; your time wasted, money lost, being treated poorly… would you not react the same? Honestly, I think we have a case of rose coloured glasses here.

    People at the land are not as close knit as you would like to think. It is riddled with teenagers and angst and none the less, a lot, A LOT of unnecessary drama and fuss about things that honestly do not need to happen. I may be speaking from the past, but volunteers being essentially shat on for having other responsibilities, or not doing things to the liking of the “staff” is pretty unnecessary, and in your words, uncalled for.

    Maybe you are the golden child of CH, but don’t expect your words to be casting any pleasant image on CH.

  19. Amen to that!
    If it is who I think it is, I can definitely understand the treatment both patrons and volunteers alike have faced. It is disappointing.

    A place that was once enjoyable, fun, and happy, and maybe at one time worth while to volunteer at became a cesspool of unpleasantness.

  20. I do not believe a recall of events or discussion therefor of is considered “slander.”

    I fail to see how anything they state is of malicious intent other than to state their experience. As a “former” law professor, perhaps a brushing up on your law instead of posting idle and frankly, petty threats is in order.

  21. I just attended Creepy Hallow for myself this evening, and was actually pleasantly surprised. The staff was busy and shuffling to get everything done and everyone in place, but they were quite polite when addressed by customers and did their very best to satisfy everyone (knowing that not everyone can be satisfied). It was about a half hour wait to start my tour, and there was plety to keep you occupied while you waited (movie, make-up, concessions, fire barrels, etc). The tour itself was creative and well planned out…it was a total twisted Grimm’s fairy-tale theme this year. Rumpelstiltskin was creepy, Sleeping Beauty was gruesome, and Cinderella was down right evil…lol. Having talked to some of the staff I realized that the night you are referring to was a record number of people through…EVER in it’s 10+ years. So yes, what is normally an hour to an hour1/2 wait most nights turned out to be 2 1/2 to 3 three hours….understandably. I have to agree with Melissa above when she says that the actors and guides are hardworking, creative people who bust their humps…for free…to put on a good show. The people upfront in the ticket booths and dealing with customers most are of course going to be brisk and rushed…that is a lot of people going through that need satisfying. So what may seem to be rude just might be an employee with three people talking in his earpiece needing three different things all at the same time as you are needing their attention with your personal issue. I know I needed accommodating tonight as I had brought with me three small kids (ages 2-6) who belonged to a couple of the guides and they were great at shuffling us around in the tours so that dad was leading their tour and mom was the back guide. While many may say that customer service has down down from time to time (obviously I am guilty myself), what I saw tonight with my own eyes were a group of people bustling to put on a great show and get people through as quickly as circumstances would allow. Thank you, Creepy Hallow….you pulled it off this year with record people through and kept it very creative.

  22. As someone who was personally involved in the ‘inner workings’ of Creepy Hallow, it saddens me to say I’m not shocked at this review.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of Creepy Hallow. I love how every Boo, Vignette & Vendor put their hearts into being out there putting on a show for everyone. But the Management Team really is the root of all the problems, and unfortunately, that will be the downfall. A BIG part of the success of a small business is word of mouth advertisement.

    In the end, I’m not shocked they would treat customers this way. I, personally, dealt with my share of verbal abuse from multiple members of the Management Team so I know without a doubt that this IS happening. I’m glad I chose to walk away when I did this year, because I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with a business that is being ran this way. a side note – I’m SO glad you went to The King Family Haunted House. I’ve taken my family there the last few years, and it’s super amazing and fun. And I appreciate that the donations they get actually go to a good cause..rather then “advertisement costs”. =)

  23. Just as a note, April didn’t “walk away” from Creepy Hallow. She was basically fired. She was in charge of the Facebook fan page and wasn’t doing her job (updating the info, running contests, etc), and then complained about never getting any information despite the fact that she never went to any of the planning meetings or returned phone calls or e-mails in a timely manner.

    Furthermore, instead of being an adult about the whole thing when she left and giving the management access to the fan page, she just deleted the whole thing. Needless to say, there is a bit of bad blood between her and Creepy Hallow.

  24. Okay “Anonymous”. You want to air some dirty laundry and place blame on me, when we both know realistically, that is NOT the case? I was going to be the bigger person here, but we’ll play your game. =)

    First, how is a person fired from a ‘job’ they did for FREE?! (Oo, wait..I did get a measly $20 last year..sorry!) I have screen shots of the conversations to prove I made the choice to leave. Did I delete the Facebook Fan Page. Absolutely, I did. Wanna know why? Because I (and RJ) busted our tails last year with word of mouth advertising and contests ran through that page last year (2014), and it brought you a LOT of customers. This year, I updated it with the best information I had, and I ran the first contests of the season. The second week (after being treated like crap, on multiple occasions) I flat out said to the Management Team that I wasn’t going to continue unless we were able to talk about what was going on, because I wasn’t going to bust my butt (for free) and continue to be ill-informed and treated like garbage. This was a page that I created. A page that was MY idea to HELP you. I’m not going to just hand all that over…all the hard work I did…after being treated the way I was. If you’d like me to post those screen shots, I happily will.

    You are right about one thing. I didn’t go to any of the meetings. Because I was JUST running the Fan Page, it wasn’t really necessary for me to have to take time out of my work schedule (you know…the job that actually PAY’S me?) to sit around and listen to the Management Team act like God. As ‘the Boss’ it should have been..wait WAS your job to make sure I was informed as to what you wanted on the page. AND..when I tried to called the Management Team, or run ideas past them, I had to deal with terrible attitudes and out-right rudeness. (I consistently spoke with the two females)

    I always replied to texts, phone calls and Facebook messages (I’m guessing that is the emails you’re referring to?) and I almost ALWAYS did within minutes of receiving them, since I have access to all of that on my phone, even while at work. Again..I have proof of this.

    I think people would be interested to learn a number of things. Like that last year (2014) Creepy Hallow made the most money it ever had. Right around $10,000…right? If I remember correctly, the land owners took $6,000 of that. And Management Team brought home a LOT of the remaining $4,000. That’s right..a lot of that went directly into their pockets. Let’s not forget about the table with the treats..the table where you ‘donated’ some money at? That was supposedly for advertising costs. Considering the majority of your advertising is flyers…I’m not sure why that cost didn’t come out of the $4,000 remaining. And, more importantly, what about the other donation collecting you did? You remember…for the boy that was killed at the Zombie Bus last year? I’d absolutely question where those funds went to, because every time someone asked me on the Fan Page how much was made for that boys family, I NEVER got an answer. NEVER. It was always brushed aside, and given a vague answer.

    The incredibly sad thing about all this is that multiple members of the Management Team were some of my best friends. Friends way before I even started the Fan Page to help them out. But lack of respect and integrity, along with know-it-all behavior quickly ruined those friendships.

    So, before you want to slander my name with LIES (which is exactly what you did) may want to think twice.

  25. I am the mother of the 3 children that were brought through so that their father and I could guide them. I was pleased to be able to have them in my group. I don’t normally volunteer because of having those 3 kiddos and having to be out that late at night.

    Because of the long wait they asked me to come out. I made that happen and we were able to have more tours going, more frequently. This cut that wait time to almost no wait.

    It is sad that you did not get the response that you felt that you deserved. That is understandable. They have since taken measures to lower this wait time. Your input is always welcome. There are more productive ways to do this. You felt this was the best way and that is your choice.

  26. Hi there, I would like to take a minute and say that The Management Team and myself would like to apologize for your experience. I am the gentleman mentioned in your blog. I still understand your view of what happened. We are, as mentioned by Julia, having some growing pains and are already trying to correct these. As to saying in your comments that myself and the ticket seller were rude, we only stopped trying to explain our “no refund” policy after your husband threatened to bash us on Facebook and other social media sites. We are aware that unfortunately we can not please everyone, both customers and former or current participants. That night that you came out we were hit hard and fast and we tried to catch up. You were not the only ones that expressed that you were not happy about the wait time and have already started correcting this. Please understand that our no refund policy has to be held to everyone for fairness. It is not the money that is the problem, it is that you chose to leave for a service we were still offering. We have added extra things this year to help keep. People busy while waiting. I know it was cold, which made it harder to wait but we can not control the weather or the temperature even though we would like to try. We do not like to loose customers, new or old, and do not like the negative feedback. We would like to apologize deeply and would like to make up for this by offering you three complementary tickets for our last night this year or for next year. If you decide to come out for Halloween, our last night, please let the ticket woman know who you are and please ask for me me so I can personally apologize. I hope you please take advantage of this, and again accept mine and our apology.

  27. I would like to put in my two cents very quickly here. I am apart of this Creepy Hallow family. for the past 8 years. I am sorry to hear about the time you had, and like Anthony has said, we are experiencing growing pains here and there. I am not part of the management nor would I ever want to be. I know how stressful running a scene, being apart of one. or even just being a boo can be after being so busy and all that. I just wanna say. I look and see how much they have to deal with. the night you came through we had 500 people in one night. we have a crew thats basically cut in half from previous years due to just worldly circumstances and anything else . I understaqnd how you feel, because I’ve been in that spot. as the customer. and to be treated like (or it seems to be treated like crap). and I really do hope you will come back tonight for the free tickets and come through. we would love to give you an experience that is pleasant. thats not from management. This is from someone whos busted his ass for 8 years out there trying to bring a show to people like you. If you dont want to. thats fine. but we would like to at least have the chance to make that up to you. thats from me. my wife. my brother. and all my friends and family that is creepy hallow. because we all are about you. the costumers. hope to see you tonight.

  28. Anthony,
    We appreciate you leaving a response. We appreciate the kindness shown on this page from the volunteers and staff. And, although we appreciate your offer, as I (the husband) said to you in great detail that night, you have a policy that’s based on theft. You should change it. If I go to a car wash, prepay, and as I’m driving up to have it washed I see the staff being rough with other cars, and I decide to not have my car washed by them, I deserve my money back if they’ve not yet washed my car – even if they’re still offering the service. If I hire a lawn care service and prepay, if they never mow my lawn, I should get my money back. They have not provided a service. Therefore, if you had a parking lot fee, which you did not, we would have owed you money. If you had a walking on your ground fee, we would have owed you money. But you did not. We did not watch your movie, stand by your barrels, and the candy bar we got at the concessions table we paid $1 for to help some people get to D.C. You provided no service to us. You provided a disservice by miscommunicating the wait time. As I stated that night, I wasn’t even that upset about it. I just wanted the $15 back because you did nothing for it. Now, I won’t tell you how to run your business. You can change the ridiculous policy based on theft for the other customers. That’s up to you. But, what I care about is that you don’t benefit from my $15, which you did nothing for. Donate it to someone not in your group, get a receipt, post it on Facebook, and this problem will be resolved. To everyone else, we didn’t ask for your biased opinion. This is for the benefit of people who want the facts before making a choice on what they do in a night. We don’t care that this was an unusually busy night for the group. If you have an awful policy like this in place, the owner can ensnare the customer in any snake oil salesman fashion, and still get to keep your money. Get it? No legitimate businesses have this policy.

  29. Sam,
    I find your post overwhelmingly empathetic to the business Creepy Hallow and not at all empathetic to our specific situation (which is the purpose of this page). We’ve been, as we’ve said previously, 6 years in a row. Last year the wait was about 2 hours. We were more than fine with that. Put yourself in our shoes. We waited 3 hours (not just an hour and a half) and was going to have to wait for another hour or more. Again, we were fine with that – we just couldn’t bare waiting anymore. It was too late in the night. We did not make a bad decision attempting to see this attraction. According to them, at 8:40pm, we had plenty of time to get through – so we paid. Now here’s the part I find you have no empathy for: Imagine you’ve been waiting 3 hours, you can’t wait anymore, you finally decide to just cut your losses, get your money back, and take off. And, in doing that, you find yourself standing in front of a rude person, saying that though they’ve provided no service, they’re keeping your money. I’ll paint even more of a picture for you; when we first went to ask them for the refund, they were standing in the ticket booth, and one of them had a massive wad of cash in hand that he was counting through. They made $2500 that night according to someone else’s 500 person head count. Now with all your empathy, please explain to us why they needed to keep our $15 that they did nothing to earn. That’s the issue.

  30. P, Depends on your definition of “feelings”. The primary hurt I would describe was our legs hurt a little from standing for an hour and a half, our asses hurt a little from sitting for an hour and a half, but I don’t think our feelings were hurt. You probably need to read the rest of the comments to get a better understanding of our point – You may not have to assume so much.

  31. Anonymous,
    You definitely sound as biased in favor of Creepy Hallow as you’re accusing April to be biased against. I’m glad to see that since you opened the door, April walked through with what sounds like facts and proof. Again I find this group and it’s supporters putting it’s relentless efforts towards defending itself and attacking others – not doing the group any favors. That’s not what this post was meant for – It’s purpose is to inform people about a specific experience had, because of a specific policy of this company that should really be changed.

  32. Mama of 3,
    The most productive way that we could think of was to go directly to the owner and request our money back. I would like to explain something to you, because I appreciate your comment. In Anthony’s post he explains in a rather exaggerated way that my husband threatened that we would expose them online. My husband did explain to him that we felt like they were taking our money without providing a service, and that we would explain to people online that they have an unfair policy in place. We like to think that integrity is very important to us, and often times people will say that they’re unsatisfied with the standards and bar set by some companies in their treatment of the people who make their business possible. I also find that a lot of these same people do absolutely nothing to help those companies raise the bar for the next set of customers. I believe it is an issue of integrity. My husband told Anthony that we were going to do this if he would not correct that massively bad policy – At least in our case. There’s no other productive way to handle this situation, because the owners can hide behind their policy of “no refunds”. By simply saying that, the owner is rid of the customer – what other productive way is there?

  33. Brandon,
    Thank you for your sincere comment. In past years my husband and I have had many good experiences because of the hard work of the volunteers. As mentioned before, if we had been given a refund we would have been happy for the group to have such an audience and we probably would have returned in following years. Please refer to our reply to Anthony about how we feel about his offer of returning.

  34. Spokanehalloween My family and I did indeed attend Creepy Hallow this is evening . After seeing your web site (built only to lodge a complaint towards Creepy Hallow) I was aware of the wait times and no refund policy. We arrived early (as one would do if concerned about a long wait ,especially if they had waited 2 hours the year before ) and only had a 45 minute wait. Our trip through the haunted village was great . A lot of young people and families working hard and enjoying halloween as much as we do.
    I have determined that you are just one of those people with an inflated sense of self entitlement. Basically what is wrong with the entire country today. Building an entire website just to complain about a bad experience you had . Then responding to each comment and defending you childish behavior . All over $15 .Just grow up .

  35. P,
    What is your definition of “self entitlement”? In what context are you using that? I think in any normal situation it would be used to say that Creepy Hallow self entitled themselves to keeping our $15 without giving us anything for it. I would say in context, you entitled yourself to calling us and the entire country self entitled. But I have no idea how you feel that we are self entitled. After being affected by a company’s bad policy, we simply made a promise that night to tell people about CH’s bad policy and we’ve kept that promise. That’s the only thing we’ve done on this page. You’ve been here multiple times after getting the information we’ve shared with you. What the hell are you still doing here? You said you did not have to wait a very long time – so there was no reason for you to have to leave. You were able to go through the trail – so there was no reason to need your money back. Those are your facts, you shared them. You don’t really have anything else to add here.

  36. Spokane halloween
    My message was very clear .
    Grow up .
    Oh ,and my Definition of inflated or exaggerated sense of self entitlement is from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders.
    Look it up .

  37. Spokane Halloween
    I have also experienced your pain, and as to P? Maybe you need to grow up just a tad yourself! Having worked with these people before, I’m fairly certain that what April stated is true, which is probably why Anthony apologized all over the place. There are certain people who have seen the inner workings and greed of this group. I am very VERY glad I am no longer part of this. Oh, and P? Just because you had a fantastic experience, doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t have had an equally UNpleasant one. I would have to say that your empathetic intelligence is showing….and its not pretty!

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